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Lightweight Marble, Granite, and Quartz Countertops and Flooring for Aircraft Interiors

Counter Top Material Options



Photo Courtesy Of Dassault Falcon Jet
Marble Aircraft Counter Top


Photo Courtesy Of Dassault Falcon Jet
Cambria® Quartz Aircraft Counter Top

Cambria® Quartz

Photo Courtesy Of Dassault Falcon Jet

Main advantages of SJ Lipkins tiled stone veneer over solid slabs:

  • Tremendous weight savings – Our stone veneer weighs approximately 1 pound per sq ft.
  • Flexibility – Our stone surfaces will flex with the aircraft without cracking. The tiled construction allows for stress relief along strategically located barely visible hairline seams.
  • “Repairability” - If individual tiles become damaged, we can repair or replace them which eliminates the need for a replacement counter top.
  • “Designability” – We can avoid certain sections of a slab to create a pattern utilizing certain color/grain patterns that the customer prefers.
  • Further Weight Savings on moldings and back splashes by “wrapping” the stone over a lightweight substrate instead of using solid stone slab sections.