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Lightweight Marble, Granite, and Quartz Countertops and Flooring for Aircraft Interiors

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Aircraft Counter TopPhoto Courtesy Of Dassault Falcon Jet

The secret of the weight savings and flexibility for our Precision Tiled Stone Veneer lies in our unique process. Our surfaces are comprised of separate precision fit stone tiles bonded to a substrate and then finished as one uniform surface. Our artisans carefully create a natural looking design pattern by utilizing the available color and grain in the stone. Upon completion, the seams are nearly invisible and the surface is as smooth as the original slab. Our unique process allows us to make the stone extremely thin, yet durable. Furthermore, this technique enables the entire counter top to flex along the seam lines without cracking. To further ensure flexibility, certain seams are strategically placed along flex points on the countertop substrate.


Another unique process we have developed at SJ Lipkins is the “wrap”. We can literally wrap the stone tiles around a radius profile substrate to follow a simple or compound radius. Popular uses for this process include bullnose moldings, backsplashes, and circular or oval sink cutouts. You can now have the look of thick natural stone at a fraction of the weight with Lipkins Precision Tiled Stone Veneer.


Aircraft Bathroom Counter TopPhoto Courtesy Of Dassault Falcon Jet

We fabricate our stone surface directly onto the substrate supplied by the completion center cabinet shop. This way the substrate can be check fit prior to stone lamination thus ensuring a correct fit during final assembly. In addition, this eliminates the need for a secondary substrate that adds unnecessary weight.


There is no limitation to choice of stone. We always have a large inventory of marble and granite types on hand. If Additional choices are requested, there are dozens of stone importers and distributors in the New York area that I can acquire samples from. Of course, the designer and customer can pick material from their location if desired. I will then purchase the slab and have it shipped to my facility for fabrication.


Over the years, we have provided galley, lavatory, credenza, and side ledge stone counter tops for satisfied customers all over the world. Currently we are the major supplier of marble and granite counter tops for several of the largest manufacturers of business jets in North America. SJ Lipkins combines the finest craftsmanship with cutting edge weight reduction technology.